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Have you always wanted straight teeth, but don't know where to start?

What types of orthodontic services do you offer?

We offer braces and appliances to help correct misaligned bites, crowded/crooked teeth, and to maintain space for erupting teeth, among other things.

What type of braces do you utilize?

We offer the traditional metal brackets and clear, ceramic brackets. We are now a proud provider of Clear Correct, invisable aligners!

Do you accept insurance for orthodontics?

We accept most insurances that cover orthodontic treatment. 

What if I don't have insurance?

We offer competitive pricing options, often at a lesser price than offered at an orthodontist. 

If you aren't an orthodontist, then how can you perform orthodontic services?

Dr. Nguyen is a general dentist who  has completed extensive orthodontic trainings from both the Oregon and Washington Academy of General Dentistry to qualify her to perform orthodontic treatment.

What is the benefit of coming to your office rather than the orthodontist?

Dr. Nguyen offers personalized treatment at each appointment and diligintely monitors the progress of each case.

How do I start my orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Nguyen offers a complimentary consultation where she will evaluate your teeth and discuss orthodontic treatment options that will help you achieve the beautiful smile that you've always wanted! Book an appointment or contact us today through the button below.